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Where are your digital certificates?

Over the years, Entrust has had many conversations with customers trying to improve or strengthen enterprise and customer security within the online channel. And one topic that repeatedly comes up is certificate discovery and management. Their specific challenges can be grouped into three distinct categories:

Unexpected certificate expiryConcern about data breach or non-complianceManagement headaches

Even though most certificate issuance systems now use e-mail notifications when certificates are about to expire, customers still feel the pain of unexpected expiry. Either certificates are issued off a non-policy CA, or certificates they know about (and are notified about near expiry) have been copied to other locations that weren’t considered during the renewal process.

Also, customers may have deployed certificates that don’t meet their minimum crypto-policy. This can result in non-compliance or leave their organization exposed to possible data breach. Without an accurate list of encrypted network assets, customers can absolutely be at risk — and unable to sleep at night.

Understandably, customers experience headaches when forced to deal with multiple certificate issuance systems. Even worse, managing certificate locations and ensuring the right assets are protected — to the right level, for the right amount of time — is downright challenging.

In the end, organizations can’t solve this pain if they don’t know where the certificates are deployed. But by talking to customers about real-world challenges, we’ve developed an important service that addresses these very issues.

Entrust Discovery, a streamlined certificate inventory and management solution, scans your network to find and manage server and device certificates. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and truly simplifies the process of locating, inventorying and management digital certificates — regardless of which organization issues the certificate.

Whether the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or customer-premises model, I believe most organizations will find tremendous value in this easy-to-use-solution.

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