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VeriSign has "got your back" on fraudulent ATM activity

Online Identity and Trust: VeriSign has “got your back” on fraudulent ATM activity Online Identity and Trust « Cloud computing security standards – Vinton Cerf, father of the internet, has got your back | Main | A Year of Progress for VIP Access for Mobile » VeriSign has “got your back” on fraudulent ATM activity Han Dong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, User AuthenticationOne great thing about blogging for a company like VeriSign, which happens to have so many cool tools in its bag, is that it’s so easy to find several blogs on the net that mention you. And in this case I’m referring to a Wall Street Journal blog: “Under Surveillance: Big Brother Stocks”, by James Altucher. In this blog, Altucher talks about all of the various measures (and money spent – to the tune of $200 billion in the U.S.) taken to automate the monitoring and protection of your banking transactions, checking in at the airport, and even your simple ATM cash withdrawal.Here Altucher mentions VeriSign and our VIP Fraud Detection Service for risk-based authentication and detection of unscrupulous user activity. Fraud detection is the key to enabling risk-based authentication, where an enterprise can deploy authentication based on the commensurate risk of a given transaction. The VIP Fraud Detection Service provides an “invisible means” of delivering proactive protection to consumers. Using advanced anomaly detection technology, the service detects fraudulent logins and transactions in real-time without affecting legitimate user’s web experience. The solution also takes a self-learning approach to fraud detection, adapting to customer usage habits unique to that individual. Using policies and pattern recognition technology, the service can flag potentially fraudulent activities based on known types of fraud and behaviors not associated with the user. Because the service is self-learning, it can adapt to changing criminal behavior without manual intervention. This non-intrusive approach does not require any change to a Web site and remains invisible to the consumer until a fraud is detected.And this whole scenario is completely customizable by VIP Fraud Detection Service customers. By using the provided rules or rules you set up, and by comparing current user transaction behavior to historical and live data, the system rates fraudulent transactions and alerts you to possible risks. Once alerted, you can investigate these fraudulent transactions as cases within the Fraud Detection Service Investigation Console. As the system logs a number of transactions for each user, it can learn user behaviors to better assess subsequent transactions for fraud, and it can use feedback from rules to build lists of fraudulent and legitimate transaction information.Going back to Altucher’s article, to clarify, there is one specific optional module known as the ATM Module. This is the additional component to the VIP Fraud Detection Service that evaluates and analyzes thousands of transactions per second to detect compromised cards and ATM locations used for fraudulent activity. When the risk score generated at the time of the transaction exceeds your threshold, an instant alert notifies your fraud team. Then fraud investigation and management tools provide sophisticated analysis to efficiently resolve scams. And banks can even choose to block an activity in real time.Rest assured, VeriSign is watching your assets…

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