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SSL Testing Websites and Tools

SSL Testing WebSites.

In past couple of months I have come across many websites which helped me a lot to test and check SSL Installation and CSR. I would like to share the same with you.  There are many sites but today I am sharing with you special website which I think helped me a lot with SSL/TLS Testing and CSR testing.  List of websites are as below. I will later share features which I used on these websites and other information

1) SSLTools.com

2) redkestrel.co.uk

3) SSLshopper.com

4) secure.comodo.net/utilities/

-> 1) SSLTools.com


This is very great website I came across in past couple of months. It has great tools are available on this website. Following are description for the same:

1) CSR Decoder (http://ssltool.com/?action=csrDecodeOpenSSL)

CSR Decoder is great tool to check your CSR and verify that information you have filled in is correct and will be shown when you have your certificate from vendors.

2) SSL Certificate Checker (http://ssltool.com/?action=sslCheckOpenSSL)

Have you installed your certificate and want to check it. Here is another great tool to help you with SSL Certificate. It provides immanence information about SSL Certificate and will be very helpful after SSL Certificate installation.

3) OpenSSL S_client connector (http://ssltool.com/?action=sslCheckRawOpenSSL)

Great tool to help you to check the latest about SSL Certificate using OpenSSL s_client option. This tool provide you information like certificate details, CA authority and other stuff.

4) openssl s_client connector with full certificate output (http://ssltool.com/?action=sslCheckRawCertsOpenSSL)

Do you want more information about Certificate with this tool it will be great for you to understand SSL Certificate you have installed on your web server.

5) SSL Certificate Decoder (http://ssltool.com/?action=sslCertDecodeOpenSSL)

Do you have certificate you received from Vendor. Paste it at above URL and you will get all information you want for SSL Certificate  you are going to install on your server before you install it on server.

6) CSR Generator (http://ssltool.com/?action=csrGenerate)

Do you want to generate your own CSR. This tool will help you to generate one CSR for your SSL Certificate.

I will share other options available on SSLTool.com with you and my option about other website at next blog soon.

Write Gaurav Maniar (IT Manager, SSL Support Expert @ www.thesslstore.com, MCITP, MCSE, MCSA)

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