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SSL Installation

SSL Installation can goes right and SSL Installation may goes wrong. Couple of days ago, when I tried to go to www.avast.com, I have found that they have directed all traffic to https://www.avast.com

I have tried to browse couple of pages and get free Anti-virus for me but I found that something teribally goes wrong with their implementation of SSL certificate.

Each page I have tried to access getting above message. This can be because wrong configuration of SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate Installation is easy but it requires you to choose each step confidently and check installation before your site goes to public.  This kind of installation would not help anyone. SSL Certificate provides you best option to secure your customer’s data but it requires a lot of efforts to for installation and maintenance.

SSL Installation is crucial part of web security. It requires you to check correct cipher as well as correct Installation. Make sure that your SSL is Install properly before making live. If you are having any images or link without HTTPS, your user would get error message while browsing website.

Following are browser behaviors:
  • Internet Explorer will display error message stating that some content on URL is not secured. It will not show Padlock or Blue Bar or Green Bar Properly.
  • Google Chrome will show Red Sign with Crossed line on it to notify users that there is some non-secure content on page.

There is huge amount of documents are available from various vendors to check your SSL Certificate. I have came across one such website that is http://www.whynopadlock.com/ this is good website and provide good inside information about SSL Certificate installation.

Following is screenshot I got for avast.com

Failed SSL Installation - Avast Website
Avast website Not working

SSL Instalaltion  is writen is Gaurav Maniar (IT Manager, SSL Support Expert @ www.thesslstore.com, MCITP, MCSE, MCSA)