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Safe Windows Shared Hosting

What is safe windows host?

Safe host or safe hosting provider its big question nowadays specially for ecommerce sites which hosted on unsafe servers.

Many hosting providers don’t have firewall and proper management of security especially in Windows.

My recommendation to check with your windows shared hosting provider before you move hosting:

1)      Firewall  : Main and key point in security Windows  firewall, third party firewall (Visnetic Firewall) or hardware firewall any of these are good but they should be turn on to protect server from attackers. It should be well configured and allow only traffic to and from which is necessary and genuine. Don’t allow

2)      Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware : Another key issue, up-to-date anti-virus would always protect your data from any mitigation which happens while other customers upload unnecessary secured files, executables and more.

3)      Window Update: Windows Server should be updated always with latest patches. Make sure that your hosting provider updates it properly.

4)      Third Party Component: They are good, everybody wants it but make sure that they are safe too. Many third party component vendors don’t update their product regularly and they don’t have update infrastructure in case of any security theft against product.

5)      File System Security: Though, many hosting companies using hosting control panel to manage their hosting environment. It should be proper. They should not keep OS in same drive as Data and there should be proper permission given on each individual website so that any kind of cross site file access should be prevented.