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Social Hacking is kind of hacking which means manipulating people into performing actions or exposing confidential information, instead of hacking actual system or using technical hacking techniques.

Phishing is one kind of social hacking which is common tool nowadays used to still end users financial as well as other information.

Fraud is general term which applies to trickery or deception for the purpose of information stealing, fraud, or computer system access.

Most of cases victim never would know that data is theft until and unless they found it somewhere.

Cyber security is must of end user machine. Good Anti-Virus with firewall and phishing prevention technology would save a lot of you time and money. It is well said that Prevention is better than cure.

Following are few tips from my end to prevent you from phishing or social hacking:

1)      Make sure that website where you providing your financial/Personal details like, password, Credit card/ Bank Information, your email access details has SSL Certificate Install.

2)      Verify Certificate by Clicking Golden Lock in IE. If you are using Firefox 3.x, you would get Site information in Blue/Green Bar and Certificate Details. Please check following Images:


FireFox Security, SSL Certificate in Firefox
SSL Certificate in FireFox

Internet Explore:

IE SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate in IE

3)      Update  browser & plug-ins regularly.

4)      In Internet Explorer review Active-X control before installing. If you are accessing any Java servlet, review it before accessing and providing any information.

5)      Update your Anti-Virus regularly, if you are not accessing your internet from many days. Make sure that you update your anti-virus or security suit before accessing any website.

Please note that visiting http://bit.ly/phishnophish and get more knowledge about Phishing.