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Hosted Security Solution

Hosted Security Solution is next step solution for many industries moving fast towards cloud computing environment.

Let’s learn how this move started and who started this. I will provide brief information about the same in next couple of days.

What is Hosted Security Solution?

Hosted Security Solution is Security Solution provided by Security solution provider companies like Trend Micro, Check point, Symantec etc. They provide solution at own hardware and own location out of your premises and managed by them. Cost of Ownership has significantly reduce due to no hardware or software maintenance required at client end.

Started by Check Point company Software Security Ltd. in 2007. Though, hosted Spam Filters and Virus scanners are very old and provided by many solution providers since long time. MessageLabs are one of the good example for the same.

Hosted Security Solution is great move which is later joined by Security Industry leaders like, Trend-Micro, Symantec,  Check point, McAffee and many more.

What Includes in Hosted Security Solution?

  1. Spam and Anti Virus Security for emails
  2. Business Security Hosted for Desktops, laptops and mobile users
  3. Secure Site solution to manage security of your website.

Thanks to Trend Micro Solution for image. There will be more about Hosted Security Solution.

Author: Gaurav Maniar – MCITP – Windows Server Specialist
Window Hosting Security, Exchange Messaging System, Server Security Audit, Domain (ADS) Infrastructure