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EV SSL Certificate is Best (SSL Certificate Review-III)

Today I finally going to complete my article about EV or Extended Validated SSL Certificate:

What is EV SSL Certificate?

EV or Extended Validation or Green Bar SSL certificate is started in 2007 is currently most popular and secure SSL Certificate. It is because of process involve in getting EV SSL Certificate. It is one of the toughest process to get SSL Certificate. It not as easy as DV or Domain Vetted SSL Certificate .

You have to produce several business documents, Domain Related documents, Employments related documents. You have to be registered as organization only not individual cannot get this SSL Certificate.

Qualification of Certificate Authority:

As per CABrowser forum only qualified CAs can issue EV or Extended Validation certificate. Certificate Authority who pass an independent audit as part of their WebTrust (or equivalent) review can only offer Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Qualification to Get Green Bar:

As commonly known Green Bar SSL Certificate requires many qualification criteria but following are couple of them:

  • Establish the legal identity as well as the operational and physical presence of website owner;
  • Establish that the applicant is the domain name owner or has exclusive control over the domain name; and
  • Confirm the identity and authority of the individuals acting for the website owner, and that documents pertaining to legal obligations are signed by an authorised officer.

There are many other criteria which requires any organization to pass to get Green Bar SSL Certificate. It depends upon Certificate Authority.

Benefit of Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate:

why one should get this and why one should trust this? There are two major benefit of trusting Green Bar SSL Certificate website

1) EV SSL Certificate notifies you that you are providing your important personal or financial details at legitimate website only.

2) You can know that owner of website have gone through process which is highly trusted and secured to get SSL Certificate.

Though, there are many benefits to get EV  Certificate but I am pointing to couple of known benefits:

1) DV, OV or EV there is not much technological or encryption wise different in SSL Certificate but EV has better advantage

2) Prevent your site visitors from fraud sites or phishing sites

3) Create trust in between your users that you are claiming what you are. You are legitimate provider not fraud company.

4) Green Bar will prevent your user to know to any other websites which has similar name e.g. paypal.com and paypal.abc.com user will know their mistake and know that they are putting information at wrong website which is fake.

How Green Bar SSL Certificate Looks Like?

Following are couple of images how SSL and non-EV Certificate looks like:

Extended Validation most secure certificate because of process it involves while getting SSL Certificate. It is always better to get SSL Certificate for your e-commerce website and EV Certificate is the best to do the business online. Make your customer secure and create high value of trust between you and your customer.

EV SSL Ceritficate Review is writen is Gaurav Maniar (IT Manager, SSL Support Expert @ www.thesslstore.com,  MCITP, MCSE, MCSA)