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Code signing and Windows Phone 7

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Code signing and Windows Phone 7

On September 16 Microsoft will grant software developers access to the Windows Phone 7 application platform developer tools, freeing them to develop for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Windows Phone 7 is scheduled for launch in the upcoming holiday season.

That’s good news for developers, who will have a direct channel to sell their applications to Windows Phone users, in a time when mobile application downloads are rising meteorically and the mobile computing ecosystem is on a massive growth spurt. To wit,

Smartphone users downloaded roughly 2.4 billion applications from app stores in 2009 and are estimated to download more than 6 billion in 2010.
The mobile application market is pacing for $10 billion in revenue this year and possibly $25 billion by 2014.
The top thousand iPad applications earn roughly $372,000 per day, about $136 million a year in US sales.

An indispensible part of this success is the security component known as code signing. Code signing enables secure application transfer over mobile networks and make this whole ecosystem viable. Microsoft requires all applications to be signed before they appear in the Windows Phone Marketplace. VeriSign- and Thawte-branded code signing certificates meet this requirement.

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