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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is as HOT as Cloud it self. Many people are concern with Cloud Security and Privacy offered by Cloud providers like they have when they co-locate their servers to another data center.

On 26/04/2010, at IBM‘s Develothon Seminar at The Grand Bhagawti at Ahmedabad. I spoke to couple of persons and they have same concern about Cloud Security and Privacy.

Though, there are many ways to protect security over the Cloud computing and following are name few:

1) Private Cloud

2) To optimize use of your own infrastructure. Deploy Cloud in your data center only

3) SLAs with Vendors providing Cloud Services

4) VPN between your infrastructure and Cloud Providers

Above are name a few security solution on cloud. I know there are many more solution available and which one can use to make sure that Cloud deployment is secure.

There are many Cloud security providers available in market today. They provide solution from Anti Virus to compliance to end user data protection.

There are many consultancy firms are around which would help you to Securely Deploy your Application in Public or Private Cloud.

Following are the name of Cloud Security providers which I got from cloud Security alliance website:

1) Forum Systems

2) HCL

3) Iron Mountain

4) Novell

5) NetWitness Corporation


7) PGP

8) Ping Identity

9) Qualys

10) RackSpace Cloud

11) RSA

12) Sonoa Systems

13) Trend Micro

14) VeriZon Business

Above are Some of Cloud Security Provider. Cloud Security is gaining concern with many providers and also lake of knowable and awareness about it.

Please check this space for more information about Cloud Security. Thanks, TheTechnologyblog.net for image.

Author: Gaurav Maniar – MCITP – Windows Server Specialist
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