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Another record-breaking Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday has traditionally served as a sort of Ground Hog day for holiday shopping, or an early indicator of online sales for the season. Currently, a couple notable arrows are pointing to a very successful online shopping season: sales and seals. While CNN Money reports that Cyber Monday sales are up 20%, I’m happy to report that the number of VeriSign seals viewed on Cyber Monday is up 52% over the same number last year—another record year.

We recently announced a new high water mark for overall seals viewed in a single day with more than 500 million. Cyber Monday broke that record as the seal was viewed just under 650 million times. And if we follow the same pattern as last year when Cyber Monday sales and seals viewed were trumped by “Green Monday,” or the last day for free shipping, we’ll see yet another record broken.

So why are seal views significant? A VeriSign seal offers a window into online activity on Web sites protected by the world’s most recognized trust mark. By tracking the number of times consumers viewed a VeriSign seal, we’re able to offer an indication of when consumers were most actively shopping online.

Right after Thanksgiving, some reports speculated that Cyber Monday may become a thing of the past as more and more homes today have high speed Internet connections (so people don’t have to wait to login at work to shop online). The theory is good, but our seals-viewed numbers don’t support it. Seals viewed on Cyber Monday this year were almost 70% greater than seals viewed on Black Friday, and last year, seals viewed on Cyber Monday were approximately 50% more than on Black Friday. Both stats suggest consumers were either shopping at the mall or still getting over their turkey comas on Black Friday. Or both.

Posted by Allen Kelly on November 30, 2010 3:26 PM
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