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Gaurav Maniar

I am Gaurav Maniar and working as a IT Manager in SSLStore. I am MCITP on Windows 2008 Enterprise. My Experience contains working on AWS, Windows Server, SSL Certificate Installation and successfully installed SSL on IIS, cPanel, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Exchange and many more.

¬†Generally read more about many security related issues in day to day life people face around the world. Security is more concern in today’s world. People are facing more and more problem about security, phishing.

Purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge about security to everyone. I believe knowledge sharing is good for all. Hacking is more concern and specially for India, where cyber security is not much known to all.

When I am free I love to play with my two Daughters, tell them stories and teach them computers. As a believer of theory of Karma that what goes around will come back and we all have to pay for our own Karmas.

Please check my SSL Learning Videos at https://hackersafe.info/ssl-videos/