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A Year of Progress for VIP Access for Mobile

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Online Identity and Trust: A Year of Progress for VIP Access for Mobile Online Identity and Trust « VeriSign has “got your back” on fraudulent ATM activity | Main | ‘Smart’ meters will require ‘Smart’ security » A Year of Progress for VIP Access for Mobile

Erica Huang, Product Manager


A year ago, at the 2009 RSA Conference, VeriSign officially announced the FREE VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) software credential for mobile phones, VIP Access for Mobile. And last week, at the 2010 RSA Conference, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our award winning VIP Access for Mobile – a perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come in just a year.

Pervasiveness of Soft Mobile Credentials, across many platforms

VeriSign initially launched the VIP Access for Mobile software credential for iPhone, BlackBerry and J2ME platforms with support for 100 devices. Since then, VeriSign has been working hard to help customers eliminate the cost of hardware tokens (including acquisition, deployment, and management of tokens) and enjoy the zero cost, easy to download/deploy benefits of VIP Access for Mobile. Our team has been rigorously testing and qualifying VIP Access for Mobile across a broad array of mobile handset devices. And today we support all the popular platforms (Android, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, J2ME and BREW) which include over 500 unique mobile devices.

VeriSign is committed to supporting a broad array of OATH-compliant One-Time Password (OTP) credentials, including free, downloadable software credentials for mobile phones, Internet Explorer® toolbar for the desktop, Voice, SMS , and hardware tokens. And VIP users continue to authenticate their User IDs in the ‘cloud’ through the VeriSign Identity Protection Service with broad credential support.

Now Available at your Friendly Neighborhood App Store

In addition to the VeriSign Identity Protection Mobile Center site, the VIP Access for Mobile application is also freely available for download from several leading mobile application stores, including Android Market, iTunes App Store, BlackBerry AppWorld, Windows Mobile Marketplace and Verizon Wireless’s Media Store. By providing broad availability of the VIP Access for Mobile credential on leading mobile phone application stores, we make it easier for users to quickly obtain credentials for strong authentication.

What’s New?
VIP Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) – Enable Seamless Security for your Mobile Application
Last year, VeriSign launched the VIP Access for Mobile SDK for iPhone and J2ME platforms. Now the VIP Mobile SDK supports Android. Using a mobile credential with an online application is a great way to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure the desktop logon experience. However, mobile application users attempting to logon to a secure mobile application or website from their phone have usability challenges, because now a user would need to switch applications (from the mobile app to VIP Access for Mobile) to get an OTP security code. By leveraging the VIP Access for Mobile SDK, Mobile application developers can now embed the VIP Mobile Credential into their existing mobile applications for a transparent and seamless strong authentication user experience – benefiting mobile banking apps, mobile social networking, mobile media distribution and other mobile enterprise applications requiring strong authentication.

We’ve still got our noses to the grindstone and shoulders to the wheel. And we’re continuing to work hard to enable secure user experiences across all online applications. Stay tuned for more updates.

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